Prevent Heart Disease

EKG’s, Stress tests, Echocardiograms,

Heart Holter Monitoring, and More

Heart Disease is the number one killer of both men and women in America, As a Board Certified Cardiologist Dr. Bensimon understands the internal causes of heart disease which is one of the largest health risks for patients over 40.

During your visit, Dr. Bensimon will obtain an overall picture of your heart health by reviewing your medical history and completing a cardiovascular risk assessment. He will work with you to identify and reduce your risk factors significantly.

Dr. Bensimon’s office has a variety of testing; specializing in overall heart care. In just a couple of visits, patients can undergo studies such as EKG’s, Stress tests, Echocardiograms, Heart Holter monitoring, and more , right here in our office, no need to travel all around town. Dr. Bensimon has the latest technology, techniques and equipment needed to provide patients with the best quality care. Dr. Bensimon works very closely with the finest specialists in the area if further expertise is necessary.

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