ECP Therapy


External Counterpulsation Therapy

treatment of heart disease

Dr. Bensimon offers this revolutionary treatment, a non-invasive answer to Chest pain, Lymphedema, Poor Circulation, Shortness of Breath, Hypertension, and many other symptoms. One of the only locations in South Florida offering this Treatment.

ECP is an exciting option for the treatment of heart disease, specifically Coronary Artery Disease. Many people who suffer from heart disease are unable to supply enough oxygen-rich blood to nourish the heart muscle (ischemia). The symptom commonly associated is angina (angina pectoris), or chest pain. Currently, many cardiologists prescribe ECP therapy for the treatment of angina. ECP has helped people throughout the world enjoy life again. It has given new hope to many of those suffering from heart disease. After completion of ECP therapy, many people return to an active and fulfilling lifestyle.

ECP therapy consists of 35 daily treatments lasting for one hour per day. ECP is administered on an outpatient basis and requires no hospitalization. Best of all, ECP is an exciting option for those people who have had, or are not good candidates for bypass surgery or angioplasty. If medication does not provide adequate relief from angina, ECP could be a positive alternative to invasive procedures.

What are the Benefits of ECP Therapy?
ECP therapy is a pain-less treatment that helps alleviate symptoms of angina by increasing blood flow to the coronary arteries and heart muscle. This therapy does not remove blockages or stop the disease process. However, ECP helps revascularize the heart muscle through the development of collateral vessels. Collateral vessels help to increase blood supply to the heart muscle. Clinical Studies have shown:

+ ECP provides relief from Angina (chest pain)

+ ECP may decrease need or use of medication

+ ECP helps to improve exercise tolerance and daily activities

+ ECP improves overall quality of life

+ ECP provides results that can last for years

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